Monthly Dues

  • $100/Month due by the 5th of every month


  • In StaTE- $50

  • Out Of STaTe-$75


  • $100/per league

  (4-6 games plus playoffs)

 Jersey Cost-$125

  • Home Jersey (tOP & sHOrts)

  • Away Jersey (tOP & sHOrts)

  • Dri-FIT Shooting Shirt

Player Expectations

  • 2x Practices/week

  • 2x Tournaments/Month

  • Elite Team Players(train 2x a Week)


  • We do not believe in having parents sign commitments because We want everyone here for the right reasons. Keep in mind, this is a competitive environment and a place for learning. Anyone negatively effecting these items, will be asked to leave.
  • Attending practice and communicating are not optional. If you are going to miss practice, please text your coach and let them know. We understand players have commitments to other activities, but playing without practicing only hurts the team and impacts the relationships with other players.


1)Internal Tryout 30 days before travel date(closed evaluation)

2)Each Coach will pick 8 players to travel per team.

3) Parents must pay tournament fee within 3 days(non_refundable)to hold their spot